Charles "Kallaghan" Massabo is a music producer / songwriter based in Los Angeles. Previously Artistic Director in Europe for companies such as Madwaves and NewWave Labs (UK), he worked on several projects for Google (Android), Sony Playstation USA, Ubisoft… As a musician he was a former member of S.i.k.h (Drakkar Records/Sony BMG) and Really Addictive Sound (DrmProds/Yamaha Music).

He founded Kallaghan Records and Kallaghan Records USA and provides music production services, song writing, recording and mixing for artists signed on Epitaph Records, Fearless Records, Sony ATV, BielerBros Records, Season of Myst, Sensory Records, etc… Charles has lately worked for Falling In Reverse (#21 Billboard top Album charts for the album "Just Like You") Ronnie Radke (mix tape), The Vampir Factory, B.Lay, Bobby Falcon and emerging European Artists Magoa, Hell Rules Heaven, Ze Gran Zeft…

In 2015 Charles got signed as a song writer on "Mothership Music", publishing company co-owned by Lionel Conway (Island, Bmg, Maverick…) and Brett Gurewitz (Epitaph Records).

"Some of these projects have been quite substantial (...) Recent Clients have included Sony ATV, Sensory Records (...) Google (...)" — AUDIO PRO INTERNATIONAL UK